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Strategic Analysis Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Vital Analysis Case Study - Essay Example Current paper centers around the assessment of the presentation of a particular British firm, O2; this firm has accomplished to keep its situation in its market and further grow its exercises through the consistent audit and update of its procedures. The particular issue is logically analyzed in the segments that follow; the situation of the firm in its industry will be distinguished and assessed considering the reaction of the firm to the difficulties set by the worldwide political and monetary emergency. The situation of contenders will be additionally analyzed while explicit proposals will be made with respect to the possible improvement of explicit pieces of the corporate technique. Proper hypothetical models (like PESTEL investigation and ANSOFF framework) will be utilized in this paper so as to show the adjustments in the firm’s execution as the years progressed; along these lines the decision of this firm as a ‘model’ for business examination will be legiti mized. In Stakeholder investigation all individuals or gatherings of individuals impacting the firm’s execution must be recognized. So as to comprehend and assess the job of different partners in the presentation of O2, it is important principally to recognize the firm’s partners; at a next level, their job in the firm’s execution inside its industry will be suitably assessed. The firm’s partners can be recorded as follows (a numeric scale from 0-10 [10 is the most elevated grade] has been utilized so as to recognize the effect/significance of partners for the presentation of O2 and their impact on the firm’s achievement). The impact of the above recorded partners on the exhibition of O2 must be additionally surveyed and assessed considering the states of the British market yet in addition the states of the worldwide market. It is obvious from the rundown introduced over that the firm’s clients affect the firm’s accomplishment inside the British market (given the rank 9);

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Accountability of Police Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Responsibility of Police - Essay Example Police is the administration office that ensures using power if necessary, the quiet and legal presence of the residents of the nation. Since this office can utilize power to get its way through, this gets abused at numerous an event bringing about a huge scope against police estimations. The duty of the police power is obviously spelt out in the law (HMSO, nd) when the power was made. This law has been experiencing fast changes with the adjustment in the manner individuals worked and the degree of common and human rights that was visualized for the individuals. With more unwinding in open laws and increment in the human rights cognizance, it is significant for the police power likewise to modernize (Leigh, A., Mundy, G. what's more, Tuffin, R. 1999). They have to change their discernment in accordance with the necessities of the common society.Police Accountability has expanded over some stretch of time alongside the expansion in social liberties developments and human rights activi sm. Police was and keeps on being compliant to Judiciary in the greater part of the nations. In any case, there are explicit on location choices that the police could take not withstanding any headings from the court. For example, during an uproar or incendiarism, police can take a reasonable choice to guarantee that the harmony and the property of decent residents of the nation are not harmed and the open property isn't scoured. Be that as it may, the onus of demonstrating that such an activity was required so as to keep up harmony turns into the obligation of the police. Such comparable demonstrations of the police mark their responsibility to people in general and are liable in an official courtroom. It is consequently, significant for the police to understand this particular list of capabilities in law. Regardless of whether it is destroying an 'obscure' psychological oppressor on the cylinder who ends up being a blameless transient or when a dark lady is captured after a since quite a while ago drawn 12 PM battle when she is over and again hit by three or four in number police officers, the responsibility of the police come into center. Without reference to any race or sex, police are responsible for their activities like some other individual in the nation. Brixton Riots and Lord Scarman Report Brixton Riots left a long scar on the police and the organization when all is said in done. As the Scarman report called attention to, the 'perplexing, social and monetary components' made the vicious dissent that consumed the region. This was increasingly a battle against the police, for the most part, instead of different organizations of the legislature. Scarman report additionally proceeded to state that there was a reasonable racial segregation. There was lost trust in the police power and in their techniques for policing. There was a solid abhorrence among the dark populace for biased propensities in the police power. The report proposes that if there had been a greater amount of ethnic minorities in the police power such prejudicial inclinations would not have emerged. The responsibility of the police in such an occurrence was really restricted. Inside and External Discipline The police power is relied upon to be trained both inside and remotely. In cases like that of the Brixton Riots where a persistent and continuous absence of trust in Police turns out as mobs, Police couldn't construct the kinship that is required. The racial direction of the police in Britain has for some time been under inquiry. Along these lines, it is just right that the police teach themselves inside and afterward guarantee that there is an outer control too. The racial preferences that the police convey with them are inbuilt and have long centrality. This can't be balanced inside merely years or even hundreds of years. What's more, to fix this

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Italian Food Example

Italian Food Example Italian Food â€" Assignment Example > GnocchiThe main ingredients for the preparation of Gnocchi includes potatoes, semolina, wheat flour, bread crumbs, eggs and cheese (Guarrera Savo, 2016). In Italy, it is considered as an alternative for pasta. The preparation involves boiling the potatoes for at least 45 minutes before peeling it and passing the vegetable mill. Wells can then be made at the center of the potatoes and flour sprinkled over it. Egg and salt can then be placed in the center of the well and stirred. Dough can then be kneaded until gentle balls that are dry to touch are formed. The dough can then be cut into three quarter inch diameter dowels and cheese can be added. The pieces can then be dropped into boiling water and cooked until it floats. Once it has floated, it can be removed and the water drained. Tossing with a half cup of canola oil can be done and stored in a refrigerator for up to 48 hours when it is ready to serve. In Italy, this food originated in Northern region. In the northern region th e specialty is mainly Gnocchi and other forms of food including pasta. PestoThe ingredients for the preparation of pesto include basil, garlic, olive oil, grated hard cheese and pine nuts. It is traditionally prepared in a marble mortar together with a wooden pestle. The garlic and pine nuts are placed in the mortar before being reduced into a cream. Basil leaves which are washed and dried are then ground to form a creamy consistency and coarse salt added. A mix of parmigiano and pecorino is then added. An extra virgin olive oil can then be added which is for incorporating the cheese. Two types of cheese may be used during the preparation process. This includes the cheese that has been made from sheep’s milk or parmesan cheese. Once the preparation is complete, it can be stored in a refrigerator where it can be frozen and consumed later. This type of food originates from Genoa which is the capital city of Liguria in Northern Italy (Counihan Van Esterik, 2012). Gnocchi and pasta are among the food that is commonly consumed in this region. Pesto is also common in other parts of Italy where it is commonly consumed. Polenta al burroIngredients for the preparation of polenta al burro include polenta, butter and salt. Polenta is mainly comprised of finely ground maize meal. The first step in the preparation involves boiling water and adding teaspoonfuls of polenta until the water is boiled. When the water is fully boiled, polenta can be constantly sprinkled and stirred to make sure that there are no lumps. In case of any lumps, the spoon can be used to press it on the side of the pot. After the addition of all the polenta, the heat can be reduced gently to allow it to simmer for about 45 minutes. This should continue until a crust is formed at the bottom of the pot. This will lead to the polenta lifting away which is an indication that it is ready. Butter can then be stirred and melted through the use of moderate heat. The cooked polenta can then be sliced an d the butter sprinkled. In some instances, cheese can also be sprinkled on it. The meal can then be served while it is hot. This type of food originated from Veneto in the Northern part of Italy (Guarrera Savo, 2016). Other meals that are common at the region include cheese, stockfish, sea food and meat dishes.

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The Most Important Right Freedom Of Speech - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1412 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/05/17 Category Law Essay Level High school Tags: Freedom of Speech Essay Did you like this example? With the creation of an independent America in 1776, there was the creation and drafting of the United States constitution. The constitution is made up of three parts, the preamble, articles and amendments, and the major principles of government. In the first amendment, there are rights granted to American citizens, the most important of which is the freedom of speech. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Most Important Right: Freedom Of Speech" essay for you Create order This freedom enables American citizens to be truly free. Without the freedom of speech, citizens would be deprived of all the other rights stated and granted to them in the first amendment of the constitution. They would not be able to have the freedom of press, the freedom to assemble and peaceably protest, or the freedom to petition the Government. The fourth freedom mentioned in the first amendment is the freedom of press. This is the freedom of the American people to circulate opinions in the press, or in print, without the government being able to censor what they say. It was the censorship of press from England that inspired Congress to allow for freedom of press in America. This is because Congress and constitution drafters were already familiar with the defects of living under a government capable of censoring the press (Chafee). In sight of the previous oppression that the English had encountered, drafters decided to provide the newly independent Americas printers with the ability to create what they wanted in the paper and spread it throughout their communities. Limiting the freedom of press would allow the government to have full control over what can and cannot be printed. To this day, the freedom of press serves as a watchdog for the people, exposing the excesses and failings of government (Freedom Of Press). With full power over the press, the government would have the ability to take what they wanted out of the press and, more likely than not, put what they wanted in.This would result in the press becoming a government run entity, for the government, rather than run by the people, and for the people. Without the freedom of speech, the freedom of press would be non-existent. Even with the freedom of press, the government would still have the ability to censor what is said and what is written about in th e paper. Without freedom of speech, there is no freedom of press. On January 21st, 2017, women across America took to the streets in mass numbers to protest for womens rights. They marched in advocacy for health care and immigration reform (Gale Student Resources in Context) as well as other prevalent issues they felt were present at the time in America. Without the freedom of the people to peaceably assemble, these women as well as other activists such as Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, and Jane Addams would not have had the ability to protest and strike against their governments and Unions in order to fight for what they believed in and what they felt they deserved to have whether it was suffrage, rights, and higher wages. Students across America conducting walkouts and protesting gun laws would be silenced and unable to advocate for changes in their schools and local governments. An example of such would have been the March For Our Lives protest in which high school students advocating for gun control reform in the United States (Gale Student Resources in Context) took to the streets with parents and concerned adults nationwide in order to make a change.Without the freedom of speech, women, students, men, healthcare workers, union members, and all other citizens alike would not have the freedom to assemble and protest for change. Without the freedom of speech, the government would have the ability to shut down any assembly under grounds that the people were violating a law by using their voices so speak out and move against what the government had set in place. Without the freedom of speech, there would most likely be little to no change in the way our government conducted itself and treated its citi zens. One of the lesser known rights guaranteed in the first amendment is the freedom to petition the government. The freedom to petition allows the U.S. people to collect signatures in order to appeal to the government, or some other authority, for a particular cause. Today, there are multiple petition sites with ongoing petitions that trend in order to attempt to change the way entities within the U.S., including the government, function and handle themselves. One such site is, sites like this are dedicated to educating people about political concerns and offer those same people the chance to change the world around them. Those sites can even be used for general issues pertaining to businesses, the way an app may have changed, or to call attention to an injustice that has gone unnoticed and un-acted upon. In the tangible world, citizens have the ability to circulate physical documents to obtain signatures in order to show the government that changed is desired. Before 1920, women had little to no voice in the government and relied strongly on petitions in order to provide a driving force for themselves and the suffrage movement. In 1864, the The Womens National Loyal League provided Massachusetts Senator, Charles Sumner, with enormous rolls of paper containing 100,000 signatures (Sumner) to urge congress to emancipate all slaves. With this petition of 100,000 people, congress was provided with just a small outlook on the citizens that opposed slavery openly and voluntarily. Without the freedom of speech, these women, and other petition signers, would not have been able to express their opinions openly without fear of persecution from the very government which they wished and were attempting to change. Without the freedom of speech, the government would have the ability to contest any speech, printed words, posters, graffiti, posters, billboards, advertisements, or political cartoons that they found offensive. In North Korea, The government restricts all civil and political liberties for its citizens, including freedom of expression, assembly, association, and religion (Human Rights in North Korea). The citizens appear to live under a repressive set of laws in which using their expression can result in their persecution and punishment. The freedom of speech is inherently attached to a persons right to express themselves. The lack of freedom of speech leads the ruling government to be a ruling and oppressive hand that has complete control over their citizens through fear. Today in America, although the freedom of speech is not entirely infringed upon by the government, to some it is being violated by the very same people who the right is guaranteed to, American citizens. On some college campuses, speakers are being shut down and thrown out of their own events due to protesting by students who do not agree with the speakers agenda. In California, the University of Berkeley invited multiple speakers to their campus, the first of which was protested by a left-wing group called Antifa who cost the school nearly $100,000 in damage while pre-protesting a later-canceled talk by provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos (National Review). Another set of speakers invited to the school cost the school another $1.2 million dollars in security fees only to have one of the speakers actually perform his event only after threatening legal action at the proposed cancelling of his event. Although the freedom of speech is a right that all citizens wish to demonstrate, people need not only look towards the government for the censorship of the constitutional given right and they must be aware of what America would look like without it. Many people take the freedom of speech for granted and do not realize what could entirely happen without it. Although the first amendment guarantees many rights, without the freedom of speech, many of those rights would be seemingly useless, and the American people would find themselves in an expressionless country void of shared opinions in the paper, gatherings of like-minded peoples in protest, and petitioning of the government for a better tomorrow. Citizens must be wary however, that they do not find themselves preventing other citizens from accessing their constitutional rights, that they are not shutting others down simply because they do not agree or do not wish to hear what they have to say. The freedom of speech is the most important right guaranteed in the first amendment, for without it, American people would be deprived of most of their other first amendment rights, and could find themselves in a much less free United States Of America.

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Personal Choice Is A Priority -- - Euthanasia - 1356 Words

Sujan Basnet Personal choice is a priority --- Euthanasia Organized disciplines of modern society, namely organized medicine, as well as the judicial and legislative bodies, which were constituted upon the ethical traditions of Western Civilization by longstanding convention, forbid the practice of active euthanasia on moral and ethical grounds. Quite simply, one human being shall not kill another. This is the command that has been handed down to humanity. One of the chief arguments supporting legalization of euthanasia, is that built upon the concepts of individual free will, autonomy and the right to exercise them. However, the elevation of these rights of the individual above those of the greater social group are a concern. The concern which arises, is that institutions which would exercise the free will of an individual, on a populace of individuals who are terminally ill, might lose track of the elusive quality of freedom as it relates to will, and implement someone else s will upon an unwilling individual, or upon an entire gro up for that matter. Western Civilization is breaking down under the corrosive influence of radical subjectivity and individualism. Freedom is divorced from truth and all authority above the individual is denied. (Moler, 1997) Thereafter, all truth is reduced to subjective relativism as it regardsShow MoreRelatedEuthanasia Should Be An Option1098 Words   |  5 Pageschoose how it ends. For the terminally ill, euthanasia should be an option in the United States. According to the American Journal of Psychiatry, the terminally ill patients who asked to die suffered from depression. This is treatable through therapy and medication, which makes euthanasia a bad option (O’Steen). This makes euthanasia similar to suicide, to some people. Why should we help them die when we can cure them and make their life better? Euthanasia is not suicide; it is the act of painlesslyRead MoreThe Principles Of Philosophy Of Nursing1184 Words   |  5 Pagesfundamental beliefs† (para. 1). The beliefs that comprise a person’s philosophy influence the choices that person makes. In the profession of nursing, it is critical to interact properly with people to attain a better result in the improvement of our workplace. Many people base their choice of profession on their beliefs, thereby ensuring that the principles of their career are consistent with their personal expectations. For example, getting a job or taking actions that are inconsistent w ith someone’sRead MoreMoral Question of Hastening the Death of a Terminally Ill Patient1220 Words   |  5 Pagescome through as weather the practice of euthanasia is an ethically correct medical procedure. There are many decisions that must be made regarding how to properly treat a individual who want to end there own life. Controversial views have always been made against those who suggest that terminally ill or incurably suffering people should be allowed to ask for and receive help to die if they so wish. The same set of arguments in opposition toward euthanasia is, that life is sacred and by legalizingRead MoreThe Debate Of Physician Assisted Suicide1321 Words   |  6 PagesThe Debate Surrounding the Topic of Physician Assisted Suicide Who gets to make the choice whether someone lives or dies? If a person has the right to live, they certainly should be able to make the choice to end their own life. The law protects each and everyone’s right to live, but when a person tries to kill themselves more than likely they will end up in a Psychiatric unit. Today we hear more and more about the debate of Physician assisted suicide and where this topic stands morally and ethicallyRead MoreMedicine Has Two Different, Straightforward Meanings --1741 Words   |  7 Pageslife is a broad multidimensional concept that usually includes subjective evaluations of both positive and negative aspects of life ( Though quality of life has a connotation to everyone, each individual defines it in their own way. On a personal level, it includes physical and mental health perceptions such as energy level, mood, awareness and how they correlate to health risks and conditions, functional status, social support, and socioeconom ic status. Components of culture, values andRead MorePhysician Assisted Suicide Essay1214 Words   |  5 PagesPhysician-Assisted Suicide PAS is highly contentious because it induces conflict of several moral and ethical questions such as who is the true director of our lives. Is suicide an individual choice and should the highest priority to humans be alleviating pain or do we suffer for a purpose? Is suicide a purely individual choice? Having analyzed and even experience the effects of physician assisted suicide, I promote and fully support its legality and provisions. Physician assisted suicide PAS or physicianRead MoreThe Principle Of Respect For Patient Autonomy Essay2130 Words   |  9 Pagesdirector/cremation, the fee totals 7,000 Euros (Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) Fact Sheet, 2011). . In Canada, previous laws banning PAS and voluntary euthanasia have led Canadians with catastrophic diagnoses to end their own lives, sometimes with unorthodox methods. With the newly implemented Canadian laws regarding euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, palliative care and its need for funding have arisen. Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patientsRead MoreThe Minnesota Compassionate Care Act Of 20151674 Words   |  7 Pagesthat describes their prohibition and listing the sanctions that would befall an individual physician who chose to participate. These measures help to ensure that providers are not legally required to take actions that are inconsistent with their personal values. Debate over the Proposed Legislation The Minnesota Compassionate Care Act of 2015 was introduced by the DFL senator Chris Eaton, and it is coauthored by three other DFL senators and one DFL representative. Despite the fact that end-of-lifeRead MoreCase Study: Medical Ethics3528 Words   |  14 PagesFurthermore, the chances of her recovering from the said condition have been told to become rather bleak. The case study then transcends into the core of the predicament at hand, as Ms Katherine is content with the idea of informed consent to perform Euthanasia. On the surface this case study is a singular decision taken by an educated woman to steer her life in whichever direction she sees fit. However, this request of hers raises moral and ethical arguments that have been thriving for as long as theRead MoreThe Debate Over Legalization Of Euthanasia Essay2047 Words   |  9 PagesControversies on legalization of euthanasia in Europe and America are continuing. The argument for legalizing euthanasia36 is that the individu al s freedom entails liberty or choice in all matters as long as the rights of any other person are not infringed upon. The argument against legalizing euthanasia is that it will lead to disrespect for human life. Euthanasia can then be abused for criminal purposes. A financial motive is sometimes advanced in favor of euthanasia. It costs money to the family

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Troy v, Iliad Free Essays

Guidelines for the Comparative analysis of the movie â€Å"Troy† and â€Å"The Iliad† Your comparative essay should be typed in single space paragraphing (font 12 Times New Roman) and it should be at least 500 words. (I will use the â€Å"word count† feature in Microsoft Word to check the number of words. ) Try not to exceed 1000 words at most. We will write a custom essay sample on Troy v, Iliad or any similar topic only for you Order Now Your essay should be the result of your own contemplations, observations and conclusions. You can read other sources for this assignment but you should not copy at any form or to any degree the sources you have read. You can just use the ideas gained through sources in your own words. If you do so, however, you should definitely cite the references to your sources. In case you use a source and forget to cite it or even worse if you copy from a source the score for your paper will be zero. So please beware of intentional or unintentaional plagiarism. In writing up the paper first watch the movie completely and if needed take notes. (The DVD of the movie is provided to you. )Then, compare what you have seen with what you have read and try to find out the reasons for the differences. The followinig notes may help you: ?Note the changes in value systems in the past and present ?Note the reasons for the changes and modifications that have taken place in the creation of the movie. (including commercial, political, values, †¦) ?Focus on justification premises for the atrocities and savagery that is depicted as valor and courage in the Iliad. ?Explore the contributions (messages) that the two works make to human culture in their own context. Iliad vs. Troy Movie. Neither Athena with her matchless wisdom, nor Apollo with his talent of prophecy, could foretell that someday Prometheus’s fragile creature, human, would become rude in a scale that not only would turn his back to the gods, but also would distort their presence and effects in the human history. â€Å"Briseis: Well, then your men did. The sun god will have his vengeance. Achilles: What’s he waiting for? Briseis: The right time to strike. Achilles: His priests are dead, and his acolyte’s a captive. I think your god is afraid of me? Briseis: Afraid? Apollo is master of the sun, he fears nothing. Achilles: Where is he? †(Troy) The movie â€Å"Troy†, which is an adaptation of Homer’s Iliad, is an obvious twist of it, both historically and literarily. There are numerous differences between them that can be observed and revealed. Here, I am going to highlight some of inordinate modifications of Homer’s Iliad in Wolfgang Petersen’s Troy; and, then, try to go beyond the surface to discover the reasons for such changes. The movie duration is about 163 minutes; and it takes 50 minutes to reach to the starting point of the Iliad. Although there are, also, several rotations of the classical myths events in the first 50 minutes that even an amateur classic mythology reader can remark it fallacies, I will not enter that domain. I will just refer to the changes that are in contrary with the Iliad and can be retrieved by the information that Homer presents. For instance, in the Iliad we see that it was Paris’s doom to go to Sparta and fall in love with Helen. But the movie gives no account for the background of the story and the destination’s role. Another incident which is not mentioned in the Iliad is Achilles’s rapid action to siege the beach of Troy and invading Apollo’s temple. The major modification of the Iliad is the absence of Gods in the movie. There is no information about them but some names that elder characters mention and some statues. The only Goddess that we can see in the movie is Thetis, Achilles’s mother, who is a nymph according to the Iliad, half human, half fish. But the director of the movie does not want to put emphasis on the divinity part and although Achilles meets her in the water, picturing her fish part is cleverly avoided by the director. Apollo in the movie is just a wretched God who is not able to avenge the offence that Myrmidons have done to him. In the minute 42 of the story, Achilles beheads Apollo’s statue. While in the Iliad, Achilles respects Gods and makes sacrifices for them. In another scene, in the minute 29, while Hector is urging Priam, his father, to return Helen to Sparta to avoid a war, Priam tells him not to worry because, â€Å"Apollo watches over us. Even Agamemnon is no match for the Gods. †(Troy) But Hector replies, â€Å"And how many battalions does the Sun God command? †(Troy) This is not the only place in the movie that Hector, who is protected and respected by gods in the Iliad and highly believes in them, mocks the gods. It happens again in minute 54 of the movie when the high priest announces that two farmers have seen an eagle with a serpent in its talons, a good sign from Apollo. Hector mocks the priest and saying, â€Å"you want to plan a strategy based on bird signs? He concludes from Apollo’s inability to take vengeance on Achilles for insulting his statue and says, â€Å"The gods won’t fight this war for us† (Troy). The whole story is in contrary with the Iliad, because it is indicated that the Trojans see that sign while trying to push back the Achaean host to their ships, and predict it as a bad omen from Zeus who is the owner of the eagle, though. Moreover, in the Iliad, it is g ods’ war more than human’s. It seems that there is an intention beyond these manners of mocking gods by two of the best characters who the audience would love best and sympathize with. First assumption would be that the director of the movie wanted to make a realistic shot of the Iliad. But, after deepening in the story, another assumption may be that the director does not believe in God’s or divinity at all and try to inject his view through his best characters and he is doing this cleverly. Almost in the first scene that we see Achilles, when the messenger boy asks if the stories about him is true and if he cannot be killed, Achilles responds, â€Å"I wouldn’t be bothering with the shield then, would I? (Troy) a very logical and clever way to wipe out tendencies of believing in divinity from audiences mind in the beginning of the story and to appeal the skeptic generation of 21st century! Another major difference between Iliad and the movie is again in the process of adaptation of the Iliad according to the appetite of the audience. Every Iliad reader can understand in a glance that the honor codes and bravery values of those days is in contrary wi th todays. The most devouring and slaughtering characters were the most praised heroes of the Iliad. Achilles, Hector, Ajax and Diomede were a few samples of ancient world heroes. But, is it possible to picture those animalistic brutalities within Iliad these days and expect to attract people to pay for watching it? Of course not! Instead, we need to show a sentimental view of our heroes, heroes who despise war; heroes who are sorry for killing people. For instance, Hector while returning from Sparta provokes Paris who wants to fight with Menelaus and says that, â€Å"there is nothing glorious about it, nothing poetic† (Troy). But it is indeed glorious in the Iliad to fight. In fact Homer calls Hector the pair of bloodthirsty Mars as an honor. On the other hand, we need a kind, loving and caring Achilles with a masculine attractive figure to attract more audience. What about softening the violence with some romance scenes to guarantee our investment, no matter what was the story and what was the truth. So, let’s dismiss Diomede who is a brutal killer, kill Ajax and Menelaus at the beginning, and omit Aeneas and so many other valiant heroes to make the story more appealing and brief. But, let’s picture Agamemnon as he was to make people despise him. So tricky! Simply put, it seems that cinematographs own a mightier weapon that Zeus’s thunder bolt and Poseidon’s trident by which have sent myth gods and their offspring to the underworld. But, what if someday, they claim war against Semitic or early religions’ God? What if they twist the reality and feed that in a colorful tempting way to the people? (As Islamic Republic of Iran does it in regard to Baha’i faith). Do the audiences of those movies would accept what is being presented or investigate after the truth? How to cite Troy v, Iliad, Papers

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Nancy Mairs-Disability free essay sample

A forty three year old woman has multiple sclerosis and she can barely walk with a brace and a cane. She saw another woman with MS in a show who wants to go to Kenya and live a happy life. She almost did it, made up to the taxi but no escape to Kenya for the cripple. The woman with sclerosis believes that crippled people should be considered same as the normal people. People acts differently to handicapped patients. Crippled patients want them to be considered a part of the world, not like being alienated by the normal beings. The meaning of the article is to make people understand how normal beings should consider the handicapped patients equal and not different. Media should portray disables as part of everyday life because otherwise they deny disability and leave TAP (Temporary Abled People) unprepared to cope if they become disabled. They should treat them the same way they treat everyone. We will write a custom essay sample on Nancy Mairs-Disability or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The handicapped people are treated differently and are alienated, they want their freedom too. The author is trying to say that human beings acts differently when they see handicapped people which are true. The woman here is trying to connect herself to this world. Nancy Mairs is narrating the whole essay which means she used narration style of writing. In this style the writer tells a story. A story has characters, a setting, a time, a problem, attempts at solving the problem, and a solution to the problem. The whole essay is a story of a woman who has multiple sclerosis. She explained her point though this type of writing. She used first person as to narrate her story and explain why people act different to handicapped people.